Recently, I had the opportunity to work with a world class team of designers and photographers to create some otherworldly images. The project started out as a way to highlight a group of bike kits for As the idea started to develop, we found ourselves creating CGI backdrops for the images and decided to go double duty and do an animal themed fashion shoot along side the BettyDesigns sport shoot.

These types of images don’t happen without a team behind them. They also don’t happen with extremely good talent in front of the camera. So, before we start talking about what went into making these images, these guys are what really made this happen. I just pushed the button.

  1. Weston Fuller: Weston is a commercial photographer currently living in SD. My bet is that he migrates back to Utah but that is a different story. He was in charge of ALOT of the preproduction on the planning and designing of the rooms. He also did all of the post production. Finally he managed to turn black bike wheels white. That is no easy task. That right there is magic.
  2. Natalie Bohlin: Natalie has been our go to hair and makeup queen for some time now. With this shoot she did double duty and did most of the styling for the fashion scenes. Natalie really needs a website but for now check her out on Facebook. 
  3. Kristin Mayer: wife, model, stylist, designer, Betty Mama at
  4. Mehmet Turan and Crew at 35millimetre. Mehmet Turan and Emre Zrr of were in charge of the CGI. They did much more than just move polygons. They helped design and color the rooms and gave us some super valuable help along the way. It was a pleasure working with them.
  5. Steph Corgel: Steph is a sports model who is blowing up lately.  She is also a former professional basketball player who apparently also knows what do to with pink belts. No idea why she was doing  what she was doing with that belt but she did it. Steph also seems to need a website (does anyone care about websites anymore?) but, for now, check her out on instagram . She kills the instagram stories BTW.
  6. Silvia Ribeiro: Silvia appears in both of the black images and all of the fashion images in this series. She absolutely crushed it while switching personalities and shape shifting between her panthers, polar bear, and flamingos. Check her out online at
  7. Second Chance Encinitas: Renn allowed us free reign to shop at her amazing consignment store.Check them out on instagram. No Renn no fashion.

A little BTS video….

….and this video should be enough to give you an idea of what I am talking about as far as CGI and what went into designing the background images

then you just take some stuff like this….

and this…..

and you get this….